‘ANC Scoundrels Destroy & Disappoint

‘ANC Scoundrels Destroy & Disappoint’

All white apartheid rulers were scoundrels, but they prioritized the welfare of their own people. From the inception of the Union, the white nationalists had a plan. They had a plan for the “poor white problem”, for affirmative action, for the mining-industrial-agriculture complex and for “the native problem”. Black nationalists, too, responded with their own plan. They forged unity among their people, promoted education and encouraged blacks to be self-reliant and to roll back the frontiers of oppression.

Today, black “nationalists” don’t have a viable plan for the “poor black youth problem”. Unlike Afrikaner nationalists, our black “nationalists” prioritize the interests of the elite. Whilst whites created the IDC, Eskom, LandBank and railways for the mining-industrial-agriculture complex, black “nationalists” use these as feeding troughs for the elite. Black SMEs cannot get a loan unless they have a politician on their board. Our NDP is held hostage by perfidious premiers, unionists and others in the inner circle.

Boer leaders were scoundrels, but they delivered.

Our scoundrels destroy value.

Gauta Komane


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