12 Chimes of life ! Follow them

On your wrist watch you have 12 numbers and each number indicates a chime you should follow in your life and try and help others you love to follow the same. I attended an seminar in Orlando Florida in May 2013 and was privileged to listen to Giovanni Livera explain the 12 chimes and how we should all live by them. Take this with you, read it and if you want any explanation just ask and I shall try to help.

The chimes start at number one in correspondence with your watch and run as follows:

1. Time for yourself – I make personal time for myself, I invest time to improve my health, I manage my overall stress at all time and I act like the individual I want to become.

2.Time to be positive – I choose a positive attitude, I make positive choices in my life, I see the potential in others and I see possibilities in negative situations.

3.Time to give – I give of my time to help others, I measure success by what I give rather than what I have done, I give of my talents to aid someone or something beyond my work and I give my treasure and share my material things with others.

4.Time for relationships – I love who I am, I invest quality time in the relationships that are important to me, I develop my spirituality and I approach everyone I meet with love in my heart.

5.Time to learn – I seek knowledge to better myself, I learn from my experiences and rarely repeat mistakes, I teach what I know, freely to others.

6.Time in the moment – I appreciate the simple pleasures of daily living, I take action on the most important things first, when I am with people I give them my full attention and I practice patience.

7.Time to dream – I believe my potential can be greater, I clearly define goals in writing and put deadlines to them, I take action towards my goals daily and many of my dreams have come true.

8.Time to play – I see humour in everyday situations, I laugh easily at myself, I make time to have fun each day and I celebrate each day.

9.Time to work – I strive to build my talents, I have discipline to finish what I start, I make good decisions with the money I earn and I have a passion for the work I do.

10.Time to forgive – I forgive others for hurting me, I ask others for forgiveness in my wrongdoings, I forgive myself for past failures and after an act of forgiveness I move on.

11.Time to be brave – I am courageous during the challenges in my life, I make the right decisions in difficult situations and I am not afraid to make mistakes.

12.Time to reset – I reset quickly after failure and begin again, I reset quickly after success and reach for higher aspirations and I cherish each day.

If you can live each day following the 12 chimes you will live a very happy and fun-filled life. Remember just look at your watch and follow the 12 chimes.


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