Effective Leadership – well here is how

Why do some leaders amplify intelligence while others drain it?

Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter is a Wall Street Journal Best seller, has been featured on National Public Radio and continues to rank in the Top 20 leadership books on Amazon.com

The Multipliers™ research explains why some leaders create genius all around them while other leaders drain intelligence and capability from an organization. The authors analyzed over 100 executives across four continents to answer this question. As they studied these top leaders, it appeared that certain leaders weren’t just intelligent themselves – they were intelligence multipliers.


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How do some leaders create intelligence around them, while others diminsh it?


biz-ability, the Middle East’s leading corporate training and leadership development company, has partnered with The Wiseman Group to bring the Multiplier Effect to the region. biz-ability is the first company outside of the U.S. accredited to deliver Multipliers Workshops and Keynote speeches to c-level executives.

Multipliers is an executive leadership programme that teaches business leaders to look beyond their own capability to amplify the intelligence of the people they manage. The Multipliers program is delivered in a series of group Workshops with executive coaching and various Assessment tools to ensure measurable results that impact performance.

biz-ability has four senior consultants accredited to deliver the Multipliers Workshops, Keynote speeches and Coaching programmes in UAE and rest of the Middle East. As part of its strategic partnership, Hazel Jackson, CEO of biz-group is also accredited to deliver keynote addresses on behalf of Multipliers.


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    Thanks for posting this Keith.

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