The Last Chapter ~ BVI and onwards

December 2011

I received a telephone call from a chap named Scott, calling from the US of A, who asked me if I would send him my resume as his company had been approached to find a suitable candidate for a position as General Manager in the British Virgin Islands, and was I interested.

My six page resume was sliced, diced and presented into two pages and off it winged its way through the either to Scotts desk and nothing more was heard of again. Off to Thailand I flew via Singapore for a quick stop in to see Fiona and then to help sail Susan Margaret from Rebak to Phuket on an incredible journey in the most magnificent waters I had yet sailed in.

That done and still no word from the now illusive Scott, I headed off to South Africa for a brief stopover in Oysterbay and to have a look at the new developments to the house on the beach, which I love so much. The new roof was on and Paul the neighbour was in good spirits,as were all the five inhabitants of Oyster Bay at the time. Got word from Hazel that I had better be back in Dubai for Christmas and being the obedient type I winged my way back to Dubai on the 23rd December in time to make the full silly season festivities at home and down at the sailing club.

Christmas was filled with family, old and new friends and the usual packed household we have come to expect living in the desert.  The New Year was breaking slowly as we sailed Shamwari out into the Arabian Gulf to watch the spectacular fireworks from every important six or seven star hotel along the strip and everyone was asking what I was planning to do in 2012.

I had, now had five months off from the day to day grind, working for the worst nightmare managers I had ever escaped from and was pretty happy sailing around Dubai, flying off to the Far East or heading down to the house in South Africa, so was not in any hurry to do anything to fast, and Hazel was planning to head to China and the USA in a few months’ time and I was going along to “have a look”

January 2012

The call came while entering Chris and Leanne’s house to celebrate our quiz night success dinner.  An hour on the phone walking around the Dubai hood to the USA, exhausting !!! but dinner was fantastic and great stories were told and laugher abounded around our gracious host’s dinner table. A week passed and I was now to call the main headhunter who turned out to be a fine fellow and we had an amazing talk about the world and how to put it right oh and the job.

A telephone conference call was set up with the client for the 3rd February at 1500 my time and was going to be at least a four way interview, so at 1400 I began to settle into the interview mode and when the phone on the desk rang at 1445 I was ready for a four way interview.

February 2012

Well it was not the interview but from an amazing chap who informed me that the competition I had entered on the 23rd of December at the wine shop [while purchasing needed beverages for Christmas] had indeed been drawn and I had won a five star VIP trip to Cape Town for two, for five days and would I like to hear about the whole trip and talk to the kind Nederburg wine man who had made it all work… Hmmm 2 minutes to go to my interview !!!

I would love to hear about the trip, do you mind telling Hazel as she would remember each detail…..  and at 1500 I was on the call and an hour and a half later off to celebrate the winning of a trip to Cape Town and reflect on the interview call.

Two days of reflection while sailing around the Gulf and watching the sunset into the dark of the night and an email from the headhunters arrived, stating that I had been narrowed down to a small few and would hear back imminently… !!!

Then NOTHING !!! zip, nudda, absolutely nothing so on the 13th February off to Cape Town we went on our winning Nederburg, all inclusive, five star holiday and into the bosom of wine country, bliss !! and what an adventure, chauffeur driven everywhere, dinners and lunches at magnificent locations and trips all over the place.

The House of J.C.Le Roux is something that one must put onto their bucket list and this is where on the morning of the 15th February just as the Sparkling wine tour was to begin I received a call from Rome telling me I had been selected as the new General Manager for the brand new exclusive yacht club in the British Virgin Islands.

We sold the yacht that day to a couple who were keen to have her, as we knew that if I was not living in Dubai the yacht would just sit in her berth and deteriorate, we deliberated on our future for hours over the course of the next few days and before we knew it Hazel and I were winging our way back to Dubai.

The invincible Judy and her travel company arranged my flight to Virgin Gorda, where I was to meet the Board of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and be a part of the Super Yacht Regatta taking place from the club house for the next few days and get accustomed to the BVI and its nuances.

I departed the shores of Dubai and thirty one hours later I arrived on a ferry at the dock of the Bitter End Yacht Club in North Sound, Virgin Gorda and was swiftly escorted by rib to the YCCS and all that was going on at the time.

I had arrived …. More to follow….


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