Tell it as it Happend ~ A snapshot of my life

I have witnessed the dawn from a Drakensburg peak
Inhaled the spices along a Hong Kong street
Heard hyenas laugh in the African night
Been part of a crowd in a Spanish bull fight

I have experienced the storms far out at sea
And dived Zanzibar reef feeling totally free
I have sung with the buskers in a London sub-way
Been in Central Park to hear the orchestra play

I have snow-boarded a mountain and fished on ice
Eaten Japanese sushi and Taiwanese rice
Got campaign medals from an African war
And parachuted out of an airplane door

I have drunk beer with strangers in a Madagascan pub
Spent time underwater in a military sub
Stood in the Acropolis on an Athens night
Lived in Manhattan and experienced her might

I have directed fast missiles and controlled many a gun
Attacked foreign warships like Atiller the Hun
I have sailed to the South Pole in mountainous seas
Crewed on a destroyer that spoke only Chinese

I have witnessed the horrors of peacekeeping wars
And window-shopped the delights of the Amsterdam whores
I have hugged a transvestite on a Singapore street
Drunk margaritas in the sun in the Maldivian heat

I have fought with the best but lost quiet a few
Looked death in the eyes and survived that too
I have killed in my life of that I am not proud
But war is war and is hidden in a shroud

I have guided young people with the help of the Lord
Have loved my family and marched with a sword
I have pulled a whaler five miles or more
Have cried when I am sad and laughed till I’m sore

I have loved a lot and learnt a great deal
Of how to treat people and how they feel
I have ridden a bike as big as a car
And captained warships and sailed them far

I have helped build countries that were broken by war
Listened to locals who’s hearts were sore
I have slept in the desert in a Bedouin tent
And smoked a nagelah as it was meant

I have worked in hostile places and seen death and war
Lived in the cold and the hot and more
Witnessed big cities being build very fast
And wondered aloud if those cities would last

I’ve sailed the Worlds in a small little yacht
Visited the pyramids in the lands of Lott
Fished for Cuda in the Arabian Sea
And sat on the banks of the Tigress for free

I’ve managed a club in an Arab land
Been put in goal within the Arab sand
Flown alone over the African plains
And navigated a yacht in Indian monsoon rains

I own a house right on a beach
Where it feels as the sunset you can reach
I have flown a kite in an Afghan town
And climbed sugarloaf both up and down

I have done all this and a whole lot more
Thanks to the Lord who opened each door
And I thank one and all that I meet along the way
For they shape my life come what may.


3 Responses to “Tell it as it Happend ~ A snapshot of my life”

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  3. Anonymous Says:

    start a book of poems mate.
    Rob W

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