The African National Congress (ANC) is deeply concerned about the current political developments in North Africa – particularly in Tunisia and recently in Egypt.

It has been the ANC stance that stability in our continent is paramount to the success of our political project to consolidate the African agenda. The consolidation of this agenda includes – among others – a realisation by African leaders that political power is only legitimate if it is derived from the genuine wishes of those who are supposed to be governed.

The ANC is quite concerned with the ongoing instability in Egypt – one of the countries that has been credited for playing an important role in efforts to find peace in the Middle East, including attempts to facilitate talks and engagements between warring Palestinian political factions.

We believe that stability in Egypt is not only an immediate need for the Egyptians but it is a necessity that will ensure that the country carries on with all the important international work its is involved in.

The ANC appeals, primarily to the National Democratic Party (NDP) of Egypt to play its necessary and critical role in ensuring that during this period of unprecedented mass protests, there is respect for the sanctity of human life and the protection of fundamental freedoms of all citizens.

We also call on the on the NDP and other political formations to place themselves at the centre of efforts that will lead to a credible democratic process in Egypt. It should be a process that will enable the people of that country to enjoy all the requisite civil and political rights – including the right to fairly and freely decide who should govern them and the right to openly participate in democratic political activity without fear.


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