License in Dubai ! Climbe the Mountain

To renew the clubs license is tantamount to climbing Mount Everest ! The Arab bureaucracy in Dubai is unbelievable. On the 20th December 2010 I started the paperwork to get our operating license renewed, an event that has happened without a hitch in the three years I have been running this club, well that’s about where any similarities ended.

2011 now saw the club move from the protective wing of the Dubai Municipality Coastal Zone department, who inspected the club regularly in 2010 and gave us the right to operate to the un-protective wing of the newly created Community Development Authority, a body established to provide “Jobs for the boys”. They required us to have a Civil Defense inspection, a Health Department inspection and the Dubai Municipality Buildings Department inspection, ~ I thought at the time, No Problems, we have been running well for the past three years and passed umpteen inspection in the guise of free food or drinks or something !! so no worries, well!!!

The Health and Civil, No problems, sailed through, the buildings inspection saw us end up with violations up the yazoo ~ the club has a site plan lodged with the Dubai Municipality from 1974 and that is what they did their inspection on, yes!! Believe it or not, any alterations over the past 36 years and approved by the Coastal Zone Department were completely ingnored, resulting in the demand that all palm trees, grass areas, added shaded areas and any other addition be removed from the club… wait for it ….. once that is done then apply to have them replaced …. and if approved……….. replace them before they will approve the inspection of the club and thereby grant us a stamp to allow the CDA to renew our operating license……

No it does not stop there, the CDA come to the club to have a look at the extent of what we have been asked to do and grat us an extension of one month to operate but that we must comply with the Buildings Department ~~~ why !! well maybe its all to do with petty money in fines, applications to plant trees, grass and erect shade areas etal and payment for NOC’s….. who knows, or maybe just job protection !! and we are a non profit club who teaches kids from all walks of life to sail including thoses with special needs. Does that count !! Seems not too *** Amazing !!


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