Why would we want to nationalise private sectors in SA and what has the ANCYL got to do with it anyway

ANCYL appalled by The Star’s lies
21 April 2010

Youth League says president’s visit to Venezuela is no “surprise trip”


The ANCYL is appalled by the lies spread by the Star Newspapers on the 21st April 2010. It is with absolute disgust that the headline reads of a “surprise trip” by the ANCYL to Venezuela.

The ANCYL has planned study tours as part of its process to advance the Nationalisation of Mines, this includes the study tour to Venezuela. Such discussions and plans have been made public for comment and engagement with the ANCYL, since its Legotla that took place in January 2010.

The study tour to Venezuela forms part of a series of study tours. A delegation has recently returned from Zimbabwe were a series of programmes aimed at gaining an intimate understanding of Nationalisation of the various sectors of the economy were undertaken.

The ANCYL is disgusted that foreign owned newspapers continue to misrepresent the efforts made by the ANCYL in advancing the interests of the of the developmental struggle.

The ANCYL calls for such unethical journalism and lies to stop.

Statement issued by ANCYL spokesperson, Magdalene Moonsamy, April 21 2010


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