How Many Have Left Dubai

There is now seldom a day when you hear from someone that either they have lost their job or someone they know has lost their job and are returning to wherever it is they come from ~ my own experience is one of people I know and care about are just leaving because the country has changed and they just don’t want to stay anymore. Cars, boats, furniture and alas animals are all up for sale or needing a home ~ noticeboards at local supermarkets are overflowing with pictures of yachts, motorbikes, gym equipment and every other item you can imagine that has made its way into a once opulent life ~ the result of good pay for little work and an easy credit line at any bank. Away they go now ~ cost to much to take home and anyway what would one do with two jet skies in cold grey England ~ or a V8 4 x 4 super sports in Europe where your monthly wage would not cover the cost of the fuel to start it.

What no one can find out is just how many have left and how many will go when the English and Indian school terms end in May and June 09. Everyone has their own numbers ~ 1.2 million since January or 5000 a day get their visas canceled and leave or 800 villas in the Greens empty or whole buildings vacant ~ no one knows and no one is telling ~ what will become of bright shinning Dubai with no expats to turn the wheels of commerce and industry ~ no expats to consult to the local nationals on how and when to do business with GCC and Western countries. But the urban legend that flows freely around hooka pipes and bar rooms is it does not matter how many leave as they came to Dubai to work and consult for big salaries and a high life style and the result of their work is the place is in a major dive, heading for an unprecedented economic crash ~ so let them go home and the locals will run the country or can they! How many will stay and how many have gone ~ who knows.


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