Dubai Water News

The Dubai Municipality has shut off a stretch of beach over fears industrial waste has got into the water. It has taken samples of water at Jumeirah Beach to check for heavy metal contamination. “The results will be out in a couple of days. We are checking on various parameters to find out if there is any industrial waste in it,” Mohammed Abdul Rahman Hassan, the head of the marine environment unit, told 7DAYS.

He said that the beach will remain closed until the water gets the all-clear. “We will reopen it once it becomes normal like we did on previous occasions. Only a 100m stretch of the beach is closed to the public. Other parts of the beach are safe for swimming,” he said. “The safety of the beach goers is important to us. We keep collecting water samples to test from time to time.” The beach, located near Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, has been closed a number of times over the last six months. Dubai Municipality Dubai
has cordoned off the beach and put a red flag warning people not to get into the water.

There have also been calls to close down a pipeline from a nearby industrial estate or move it out to deep sea, as reported previously in 7DAYS.

One concerned resident said: “We think it’s a heavy metal toxic waste and the civic body has to investigate it. It looks like industrial waste is getting into the sea.” Dubai MunicipalityDubai Municipality

has fined a number of truck drivers for dumping sewage into the storm water drains with the fines amounting to more than dhs10 million.

At least 100 truck drivers were fined for not following rules and regulations and were warned of deportation and confiscation of their trucks.

The municipality recently opened a temporary lagoon to ease the pressure on the present sewage treatment plant in Al Awir and help drivers discharge their sewage.

By Fareed Rahman


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